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As a business owner and entrepreneur, we are all trying to create something, a business, a lifestyle, a way to play the game of life by our own set of rules.


The problem is somewhere along the way we just keep going through the motions of our business and our life.


We forget or lose our joy, passion, and fun. We get bogged down with overwhelm and details it takes to be an entrepreneur.


Sometimes so much so that we completely throw in the towel.


BUT, It doesn’t have to be that way!


You CAN create a business you absolutely LOVE, one that THRIVES & You CAN master the online world so you can make your DREAMS a REALITY!

Join us on our weekly Facebook Live Create with Purpose where we dive in and discuss topics like;

How to develop the right brand, How to grow your tribe the right way, How to create a life you absolutely LOVE and a business that thrives.

PLUS many more topics that will help you revolutionize your business.

WARNING: If you are someone who just does things for the money and your always looking for a way to make a quick buck this show is NOT for you.

However if you have the heart and soul of a real entrepreneur this show can change your business forever!

See ya on the next episode!

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“2 New Clients Totaling $4450 Plus $850/mo Ongoing”

I just wanted to send you a quick email because we are so happy with the mobile marketing training. We have been leading with mobile websites and it is opening doors to other services. We received checks this week for 2 new clients totaling $4450 plus $850/mo ongoing!
“Your Training opened new doors, a fresh approach and the success confidence to make more sales. Thank you!!
– Jamie Gallego
“I’m already being considered for my first professional speaking gig”
I wanted to add a Twitter/Facebook/Social Networking specialty to my business and since the challenge started I am already being considered for my first ‘professional speaking’ gig in front of 4000 business women.
– Kristen Arnold
“The amount of information that you have shared is incredible.”
Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks. My partners and I have been hard at work prospecting businesses, working with our existing clients, and taking our business to the next level.
I must say the amount of information that you have shared is incredible. You over deliver in everything you do, and I really want to thank you for what you have done thus far, and I look forward to all the new things you have in store.
– Jeffrey

“Maria, THANK you soooo much for giving so much of yourself to help others find the success that we all want out of life!”

I wanted to thank you for all your help and support! I spent a good six months or so lost in this vast ocean of internet marketing, frustrated and overwhelmed. A couple of months back now, I ran into an offer at the Warrior Forum that caught my attention in regards to offline marketing from someone I had not yet heard about, Maria Gudelis. I have a very strong feeling I will be forever grateful for that day.
I had already researched many so called Gurus in the offline marketing world, trying to find someone I could learn this business from, we all know that having a mentor to turn to will almost certainly give us a much better chance at success.
Everywhere I went people were saying such amazing things about you. I found countless people who were ecstatic just for knowing you. It still blows me away the following and respect that you have developed for you and your business. I then invested in some of your material, and again, BLOWN away! It was obvious why so many people have so many great things to say. Your material is outstanding, real world information that will make one successful if followed. Your ability to teach and still keep things fun and entertaining, is truly like no other I have seen.
Six months ago I was lost and confused and today a have a very bright path in front of me, which I know is leading me to GREAT success. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am and how truly grateful I am to have found you! Maria,
THANK you soooo much for all you do, and for giving so much of yourself to help others find the success that we all want out of life! You are such an inspiration, and a Godsend for many!
– Jim Kellen, Smart Choice IM
“I would not have been in ANY of these conversations if it weren’t for you and your challenge!”
I just closed the Detroit attorney on $300 for the first month; $200/month thereafter. She is interested in purchasing the following: – blogtalk radio show – press release / article once a month – social media package.
I’ve also got 3 people who want to promote the workshops to their contacts:
– #1 has relationships with MANY NPOs across the U.S.; I anticipate having that contract finalized today.
– #2 has a very successful website where I will be profiled on the front page (that will happen in the next 2 – 3 weeks). She’s going to promote the workshops to her list, in conjunction w/ her non-profit, and I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to them.
– #3 has a list of about 500 mortgage brokers (about 40% of whom are in Denver), and he wants to promote the workshop to them.
– I’ve got a meeting w/the CEO of a local – and very visible – food bank whom I’ve worked with for the last 6 years. We’re meeting on Tuesday to put together the details of how we should promote the workshop to their donor base (largely local business owners) and when (soon!). They LOVED the idea of doing this as a fundraiser…
I’ve got a meeting on Monday w/ a software company I’ve done work for, and they are not doing ANY marketing and have a “dead” web presence. They are trying to sell their way out of the economy, and so we’re going to talk about online marketing and lead generation.
I would not have been in ANY of these conversations if it weren’t for you and your challenge! I am closer to my goals for this month than I was at the beginning of the month, and I am certainly closer to realizing my goals for the quarter than I was at the beginning of the quarter.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, information and experience with me! I am truly grateful!
– Chris K.